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 Treasures of the ancient temples

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PostSubject: Treasures of the ancient temples   Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:15 pm

Below are the most valuable treasures of these 4 temples. Each one can ONLY be wielded by ONE person. You must either steal, win, borrow, take off their dead body, etc from the person who claims these weapons to wield it.

Depths -

The Reaper's Scythe: Filled with very ancient and very powerful magics, this scythe is said to steal the soul of the very person it strikes down.

Hall -

The Book of Balance: This book is said to be both destructive and rejuvenating depending on the wielder's preference. In a healer's hands, it could produce waves of healing for example, while in a warrior's hand, it could produce an impenetrable shield.

Passage -

The Spear of Solidarity: Like a rising tide, this spear is said to bring great change. Said to be wielded by great heroes in the past, the weapon has seen much bloodshed and has changed because of it. Always seeking a thrilling fight, the spear seems to shine it's brightest when faced against a powerful opponent.

Bridge -

Ruin: This floating sword seems to pulse with mythical energies of power. It is unknown why it seems to float instead of just being held like a normal sword, but wielders of the past have claimed it spoke to them. These wielders claim it whispered a great many things, prominently saying they could be the most powerful warriors if they gave up everything they hold dear.

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Treasures of the ancient temples
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