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 Admin/Mod Rules

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Admin/Mod Rules Sword15

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PostSubject: Admin/Mod Rules   Admin/Mod Rules EmptyTue Apr 14, 2015 1:06 am

1. As mentioned in the Rp Rules, no going around messing with normal members unless they actually 100% did something wrong/unfair/etc

2. Try to be as active as you can. We are aware people have school/work/etc and will work with you the best we can

3. Announce in the Leave of Abscence section if you are leaving/going on a vacation/etc

4. All forum/rp rules apply to all Admins/Mods including staff. If an Admin/Mod breaks a rule, feel free to bring it up in OOC (Out of Character) or pm me.

More to come later

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Admin/Mod Rules
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