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 Rules of Sexual Roleplay

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Rules of Sexual Roleplay Sword15

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PostSubject: Rules of Sexual Roleplay   Rules of Sexual Roleplay EmptyThu Jul 23, 2015 6:07 pm

Here on ToC, we will not condone the use of Sexual roleplay. However, we please ask that you follow these simple rules, or any sexual roleplay will be removed and you will be prohibited for posting sexual-type posts for a period of time.

1. Try to keep it story related, or at the very least character related. If your character is dating another person's character, you may do a sexual roleplay as long as it is in a house/inn/etc. We wish for the sexual posts be confined in areas normal for it.

2. We do not encourage spamming of sexual roleplays however. For those who wish to constantly do it, we ask that you take it to private messages (PM) instead of littering the forum with it.

3. If you do wish to engage in a sexual roleplay, please try to keep it non-descriptive for our younger roleplayers. Although sex is practically an everyday thing now, we wish to keep it toned down. For those that wish to go full out, PMs are the way to do it.

4. Adhering to sexual aspects, we ask that you refrain from doing any type of rape, or rape-ish scenario. This is pretty obvious why. However, if both parties agree to a rape situation for their roleplay, maybe to make it more emotional, then we will allow it. But ONLY on that condition.

More will be added as needed
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Rules of Sexual Roleplay
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