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PostSubject: Sovereigns   Sovereigns EmptyThu Jul 23, 2015 6:32 pm

Here in ToC, there are 2 Sovereigns. These are essentially Deities that rule over the two worlds and keep the balance of power. Sovereigns will be controlled by very select people. This means that they will be rping along with normal users.

The 2 Sovereigns are as follows:

Sin: "The Maelstrom". Sin created Solace and Magic. The only female of the group, Sin has been described as incredibly beautiful and also just as incredibly deadly. Created the Dragons.

Notable Events: Creation of Solace, Creation of Dragons and the Ley Lines

Athanasius: "The Torrent". He created Earth and Technology. He has been described as a polarity (half-evil and half-good) by scholars. Created the Angels and Valkyries.

Notable Events: Creation of Earth, The Rise and Fall of Rome, The America Revolution , the Great War, World War 2

The Sovereigns, being Deities, have immense power and can not be harmed nor killed by any means. The Sovereigns also have a multitude of powers, tailored around what each one is.

Encountering one is signaled by a massive beam of light among other effects. Those who run into one of these beings should flee immediately. Safe to say, anything that would potentially provoke one of the Sovereigns should be avoided entirely.

In the event of a Sovereign appearing within a rp, a clear warning will go out to all those who are rping in said topic. A few posts later, the Sovereign will post with their own custom introduction followed by a special effect on the immediate area where they appear.

Having said that, we wish for users to not be alarmed if a Sovereign appears in your rp. They are most likely there for story reasons, or to simply just join in on the rp.

That aside, below are a few rules that Sovereigns MUST follow. Breaking one of these rules will result in the Sovereign being put in "stasis" and not be allowed to use until the matter is resolved.

1. Sovereigns may NOT fight in any battle/war/fight UNLESS it specifically involves them. This basically means that you will never see a Sovereign randomly strike someone down.

2. Sovereigns MUST announce that they are entering into an rp. As stated a bit above, Sovereigns will be preceded by a warning, following a unique introduction.

3. Sovereigns may not use any of their full powers. Just like in mythology, godly powers would be catastrophic to the planet, and the universe as a whole. Special powers unique to each Sovereign may only be used in unique cases, such as to push the story forward, or if someone does something drastic to trigger them.

More will be added as the forum goes along.
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