The dawn is slowly rising. Can you hold out from the darkness in time?
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We are currently reworking the story, and our first main site event has been posted ~Staff

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 Story of the Forum

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PostSubject: Story of the Forum   Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:04 pm

Here at ToC, our forum will be in different "arcs" as we like to call them. These arcs will last a certain period of time, depending on how the roleplaying goes and how many members we have among other variables.

Below is a brief summary of each arc:

Arc: The Dawn Fades

This stage will be the prologue and the beginning of the general overall story. Most of the NPCs that will be regulars will be introduced, along with the background of whats going on between the two worlds.

Arc 2


Arc 3


Arc 4

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Story of the Forum
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