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PostSubject: Contractors   Contractors EmptyMon Jul 27, 2015 10:59 pm

Here in ToC you are able to contract with many different creatures/people/etc. These may vary from demons, dragons to even other people.

Contracting gives you not only a boost in power, but effects varying on what you have contracted with, listed below.

Demon: Essentially selling your soul, your body changes to that of a demon upon activating the contract. This enhances not only combat abilities but also allows the contractor to use magic depending on the rank of the demon.

Dragon: Contracting with a dragon binds you to that said dragon. This allows you to call upon the dragon to aid you whenever you require it. You are also able to ride the dragon among other things.

Elemental: Harnessing the elemental planes, users will be able to call upon powers of water, fire, air and earth. This varies with the elemental the user has contracted with.

Human: Contracting with other humans is exceptionally rare, but not unheard of. Contracting allows you to link yourself with another human and share any damage you or they may take. This also allows you to locate that person no matter where they are and vice-versa.

Sovereign: Those extremely lucky enough to be accepted by a Sovereign may reap the ultimate power. For as long as the Sovereign allows it, the user will gain immense power and will be able to handle anything.

We look forward to seeing users actually using this system and will be watching it closely. As always, we ask that you have fun with it and not abuse it.
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