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 Leveling System

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PostSubject: Leveling System   Leveling System EmptySun Oct 04, 2015 2:05 am

Here in ToC, the leveling system will be the following:

- You level up by doing what you would normally do in an RPG: Dungeons, missions, quests, defeating bosses, etc. This also includes just general rping in topics, as well as training in the battle section.

- Both your character, and your class can gain exp. Your class will go to 10, and your level will go to 20.

- Upon reaching a new level, you are allowed 1 extra skill/spell registrations for your specific class. This is promote free choice instead of us giving you specific skills/spells for your class.

- Upon reaching level 10 of whatever class you chose, you are able to pick a 2nd class and will proceed to level it up to 10. Certain classes will require you to have a level 10 class, while others will require you to have 2. That being said, once you get two classes, that's it until further notice.

- As you level up, just like with any actual RPG game, you will be able to use higher quality equipment. Not much needs to be said about this

Our goal here with ToC is to provide a splice of a different RP forum instead of just picking a class and just rping. Honestly, that seems a tad bit boring in my opinion. As usual, if there is anything else to add, it will be added as needed.

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Leveling System
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