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 Deity Hierarchy

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"The Maelstrom"/Creator of Magic and Solace/Sovereign
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Creator - The being responsible for the creation of the 3 Sovereigns. Has power over everything.

3 Sovereigns

Sin - Sovereign of Solace and Magic. "The Maelstrom"

Athanasius - Sovereign of Earth and Technology. "The Torrent"

Major Gods

Raisia - Goddess of Nature. Controls and resides in Naturia. (Reborn into select female elves)

Lilitia - Goddess of Death. Deity worshiped in Zalin.

Eve - Goddess of Life. Twin sister of Lilitia and is worshiped in Alznar by the humans.

Chaos - God of Destruction (cliches are awesome). Resides in his own realm.

Void - God of the End (Another cliche). Watches over Mortis Legionous and gives them tasks.

Fake Gods (These beings actually aren't gods, but are worshiped, or want to be as such)

Hethis - Self-proclaimed king of Alznar. Brutally murdered anyone who opposed him and claimed ownership of Alznar, bringing it great misfortune and causing a wealth gap.

Saletha - Ruler of Zalin. A powerful demoness who used cunning and seduction to take control over the Zalin Council. Plans to bring Calamity into the mortal plane.

True Form

Human Form
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Deity Hierarchy
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