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 Battle/War System

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PostSubject: Battle/War System   Battle/War System EmptyTue Apr 14, 2015 3:41 am

As this is primarily a faction forum, the battle/war system will be detailed as follows:

- Wars/Battles will be divided into stages: The initial start, which will allow you to move troops and whatever else you have around much like turn-based RTS games, the main battle and the finale.

- Wars specifically will have a meter that i will manually set up onto the category/topic in question. This meter will display the attacker/defender progress. If the attacker beats the defender entirely or vice versa, then the meter will be 100% and the victor may do whatever he/she/it wishes within reason.

- Battles are much smaller than wars and as such will have no meter. An admin/mod/both will watch over the battle and find out who the winner is. The winner gets the same treatment as above.

- Wars are costly and as such should not be spammed all over the forum. Battles are fine as long as you have a valid reason to attack.

- We will have rules for battles/wars and even fights posted, so please be sure to read them and follow them.

That's about it for the battle/war info. We may add more here in the future so please keep an eye on it.
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Battle/War System
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