The dawn is slowly rising. Can you hold out from the darkness in time?
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We are currently reworking the story, and our first main site event has been posted ~Staff


 (Story) The dawn fades

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(Story) The dawn fades Sword15

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PostSubject: Re: (Story) The dawn fades   (Story) The dawn fades EmptyMon Nov 02, 2015 9:46 am

Below lists a bit of the key points of the story. These are NOT final and are subject to change as we see fit.

- First part of the first arc will be a majorly scaling war. This means the more of the two sides that join in, the bigger the battles/fights will be. This includes both NPCs AND player-controlled characters.

- Somewhere in the middle of this war, Admins will put up a special multiple choice of some kind, most likely a poll. This multiple choice will be for any member, whether they are fighting in the war or not, however we would obviously prefer if you were fighting or at the very least, roleplaying inside the story.

- The said choices above WILL affect what happens on the forum. This isn't just a one-and-done thing, the choice will be permanent. So say people choose for one world to lose the war, well then that said side would suffer greatly by various things.

- This first arc, as any other story/game, serves to introduce everyone, NPCs included. Due to this, we ask everyone to at the very least, roleplay a bit within the story.

- We are aware as of this posting, we have very few members (3 including myself), but we will attempting to get more as we progress.

That concludes a brief summary of what's going on and various other things. We hope to see interesting roleplays happen, both story and non.

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(Story) The dawn fades
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