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 Death Rules

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PostSubject: Death Rules   Death Rules EmptyTue Jul 07, 2015 4:50 am

Here on ToC we don't encourage perma-death, unless its specifically agreed upon. 4

This mostly involves fights/duels between 2 characters, but could potentially include wars as well. We will ALWAYS state beforehand if something happens to include perma-death. As there is no perma-death outside of certain conditions, this doesn't mean we will be allowing instant revives after your character dies. This means that once your character falls in a non-perma death rp, you must wait for certain conditions before rejoining whatever situation caused your death:

1. You must wait for someone with a item/power/spell that can revive you in the middle of combat, or after


2. You must wait until a certain period after your character has died. This means that if you fell in the middle of a war/fight/duel/any combat related rp, you MUST wait until combat is over. You also will not be able to immediately go back into combat until after 1 minute real-life time has passed. This is to simulate that dying has a bit of consequence
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Death Rules
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